7 Affordable Video Marketing Strategies For Startups

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Launching a startup is one of the most exciting feelings. A great idea can become a source of income with the right strategies and marketing approach, apps can provide many benefits and can help a new business reach thousands, even millions of customers while remising a cost effective option. Video marketing is a great strategy that can be used to promote a startup business and here, we discuss some of the most affordable options to kick start a new business and start enjoying the streams of income that can be generated.

Video Creation

Not long ago, it was a monumental task to commission a video just to advertise a new product or service. It involved multiple steps from getting a scriptwriter to managing the storyboard. Add actors and final editing and the whole process took way too long and cost an arm and a leg. Now, start-ups can benefit from lower cost video marketing and some sites offer video services starting at just $100 and a week for a turnaround time. Those that wish to save even more can make use of amazing video software that is available in many smart phones, especially on the iPhone, so it is actually free to create and edit videos for marketing purposes. Video marketing has a huge impact on the success of a startup business, so what better way to get started than by doing it for free?

Hiring Content Creators

There are some amazing platforms out there that will offer content creation for a low cost. Vine and YouTube are the best places to find these content creators and they will cover everything from scripting to acting and will have a much faster turnaround time. All that remains is the promotion of the created video. The Dollar Shave Club is a great resource and here, one can earn how videos can create a successful brand with little to no work on behalf of the business owner and very little work. These videos captivate customers by offering humor and to the point marketing.

Distributing a Finished Video

One of the main strategies to successfully growing a business is getting the finished video put there to draw the attention of new clients and customers. When it comes to video distribution, there are a number of great options. The challenge lies with narrowing down the playing field. Almost any type of startup business will benefit from Facebook, Vine and YouTube, all of which are great and reliable platforms that can offer superb visibility. In short, as long as the created video is entertaining and delivers a message that will attract the target audience, any of these platforms will be a good choice. The great thing is that it is completely free to promote the video. There are options to pay a small fee to push the visibility a bit, but there is no cost requirement on these platforms, which is why they are preferred by many startup business owners.

Market and Optimize the Video

Once all the leg work has been done and a video has been created, edited and uploaded on a platform, it is time to optimize it so it reaches the most customers. The best option is YouTube. With millions of viewers each day, the created content will be seen by many and will be promoted to a target audience. The key to successful marketing lies with choosing the right keywords in the video titles and the best tags to help boost the volume of searches.

An alternative is some paid advertising that is available through YouTube as well as Facebook. With these, a small fee could result in the video being seen by hundreds, even thousands of additional people, thus increasing the chances of startup success. Even if one decides to simply post a video on Facebook, they will be reaching thousands of potential customers without having to pay additional fees.

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Live Streaming Benefits

There are multiple benefits to live videos and streaming these videos is a perfect way to engage an audience and build a community that follows and supports the new product or service. A new startup is quite exciting and with a live video stream, potential customers can take part in that excitement as well. Using live interviews to explain the product and a bit about the founders can be a powerful tool and is one that is often overlooked. The best thing is that there is no cost to add any live streaming video to many of the top rated social media platforms.

User-Generated Content

One of the great ways to promote any startup is to offer the insight of other consumers and customers. By using user-generated content, one can build more trust amongst potential customers. UGC has become one of the leading strategies for video marketing, with more than 30% of videos on YouTube, 17% on Vine and 50% on Facebook being user-generated content. By having a current user or customer featured in a video to market a startup, other customers  may be more inclined to try it out since they see the satisfaction from another. People will trust reviews from friends and peers over just taking the word of an administrator or an actor hired to create video content, so user-generated content is a huge tool that can lead to great success.

Facebook Video to Boost Visibility

When startup owners choose to post videos on Facebook, they will be starting off on a great road to success. Facebook is one of the most used social media sites and information placed here can reach hundreds, even thousands of potential customers. When it comes to video distribution, it is important to cover as many platforms as possible. As long as the video has been created, it can be placed on a number of great sites that promote brands and offer the chance to be seen by many. Taking that video and uploading it to Facebook will help the video be seen by members of the target audience.

When posting a video on Facebook, try to have the video be between 15 and 20 seconds long and always use the right thumbnail. Don’t take too much time focusing on the audio of the video since native uploaded videos will play automatically when users scroll by and they have appeared in the news feed. Make sure the video can sell a product without sound.

Having a strategy when using videos to promote a new product or service is one way to ensure the success of any startup. With these tips and strategies, it is possible to increase visibility and reach many members of a target audience with little or no cost at all!

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