Amidst Tragedy, Digital Media Specialist Finds Solace as Freelancer

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Everything was going great for Nigerian-native Matthew Ojoduma. He was working in an internationally recognized media company. He was happily married to his wife and was awaiting the birth of their baby. Until one tragic day, his only sister passed away due to a vehicular accident. The untimely passing of his sister was a very difficult moment for his family.

Despite the great loss, Matthew needed to be strong for his family and tend to their needs. The income he was receiving at that time didn’t suffice since he needed to help support his mother too. That’s when he decided to look for a part time job that could augment his income stream.

The Brighter Road Ahead

He knew that his education in the fields of film and television would help him land great career opportunities. As a directing major in College, his intelligence about maximizing the potential of a project was  above par. The pursuit of knowledge didn’t stop there, Matthew concentrated on his camera work and video editing skills during his internship. There was a time when a previous employer of his called him a “walking production house” because of his vast wisdom on all facets of production.

Matthew was confident that his skills in digital marketing and video production were of world class quality. Thus, he decided to conquer the international market. He came across through Google. “I chose because I wanted a professional platform where I could prove myself. Also, I wanted access to the best jobs available to freelancers around the world,” explained Matthew.

Of all the jobs Matthew has worked on, he recalled a specific one the most. “I researched, scripted, and edited a 6-minute campaign video for a non-profit organization in Canada, working to raise awareness against women abuse. My wife particularly loved the video, and always stopped by to watch whenever I was previewing it in the studio,” said Matthew.

Matthew’s Experience

The best features of the website, according to Matthew, are the Project Feed and the notification feature. These allow Matthew to keep bidding on projects he wants without any hassle.

Matthew believes that starting out as a freelancer is like being fresh out of college. “Getting trusted with a job as a new freelancer is no different from a fresh graduate looking for a job. You have to actually earn trust by proving yourself and your skills. On Freelancer, the best way to do this is, as it is always the case, keep applying/bidding and be willing to start with stipend pay without compromising the quality of work. Always aim to amaze to get great client feedback, and also have an amazing portfolio to present to future employers,” he said.

"I get a good number of bids with the Plus membership, which is very reasonably priced. This enables me to bid as much as i want without any limitation" -Matthew Ojoduma

Living Life to the Fullest

Today, Matthew works as a full-time freelancer. He quit his desk job and now concentrates solely on freelancing. When asked why it was a good choice, he said: “You get to work at your full capacity and earn even more”.

One of the best perks of being a freelancer is having some quality time to spend with family. Matthew loves playing with his daughter in his home studio, whenever he is unoccupied. While away from his computer, he assists his wife in taking care of their baby. During weekends, the whole family spends time out of the house. 

Freelancing has given Matthew flexibility to spend more time with his family and share life’s greatest moments with them.

Lights, camera, action!

For your video production needs, hire Matthew today!

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