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Kym Dunbar is an Australian freelance writer with a passion for words. She has more than 20 years’ experience across all facets of the publishing industry. Across her career, Kym has worked as a journalist and subeditor for newspapers, as a contract author and editor for corporate projects, as well as freelancing on and off since 1999.

In 2010, Kym re-joined the corporate world as a technical author and editor. The hectic work schedule and the passing of her mother got her thinking about life in 2013. “This left me questioning love, life, and everything,” she said. In 2014, she left her high-paying corporate job to pursue her lifelong dream – to work from home, spending every day with her dogs.

“I have an imported white Swiss shepherd boy, Iron, from Slovakia. I also have his daughter, Ravyn, as well as a German shepherd Tala. We train in dog sport with our eye on competing in the dog sport ring in 2017. I occasionally show my dogs and hope to breed someday. My whole life is about my dogs. I also have to earn money so allows me to do that,” said Kym.

From Corporate to Freelance

Kym has always thought herself lucky doing what she loves. Writing and editing have always been part of her life. After leaving the corporate world, she started working through in late 2015. Quickly, Kym made her way in the freelance world, proving her ability to complete client projects successfully. Her many years of experience in writing tailored bid proposals help Kym consistently win project bids.

One of Kym’s great experiences on was creating vocational training materials. Being a long-term project, she built a good working relationship with her Australian employer. They had such a great working connection, it allowed them to achieve results beyond either party’s expectations.  

"I have the freedom to pick and choose what I work on, where and when I want to. I can work on jobs I have a passion for. Whether it is a project worth $30 or $3,000, it is a great feeling when a client is happy with the end product."

“Every time a client says ‘thank you’ and gives me a review, there is a huge sense of pride. I have had some fantastic clients and projects. I am always grateful for their trust in me with their work. I feel privileged to be entrusted with their projects,” Kym said. 

Freelance work is 99 percent of Kym’s monthly profit. Not only does she find clients through the website, but also through the Hire Me Widget© found on her page.

Getting to the Top

To find success as a freelancer, Kym suggests three things:

1. Bid honestly and fairly.

“Price the project accordingly. If there are not enough details in the project description, say that in your bid proposal. Bid on projects you know you have the skills to successfully complete; especially when you first start out,” she said.

2. Communicate.

When in doubt, communicate. Don’t make foolish and risky decisions. Ask employers what they prefer. You can make suggestions, but always do what your client wants.

3. Be professional and conduct yourself with integrity.

There will be times you won’t achieve what your employer wants the first time. Take criticism constructively. Do not turn it into a battleground.


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“Be prepared to take any hard stuff as lessons and move through it to the next employer and project,” said Kym. “Working through has boosted my confidence in my abilities and industry knowledge, which benefits my clients.”

The Daily Routine

When not working, Kym spends her time with her dogs. She also writes original work as messages from the animal kingdom to help people connect more deeply with the value animals add to this world. Kym’s love of animals makes her an advocate for endangered animals around the world. As a freelancer, she has time to do the things she’s passionate about.

Do you have any editing or writing projects in need of completion? Hire Kym today.

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