Software Engineer Reaches Dream in the Comfort of His Home

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Times were tough for Muhammad Mushtaq Magri, but he had a dream.

Magri interned as a software engineer for a local company for almost a year. Unfortunately, he wasn’t making enough money to get him by. His monthly income was pegged at around 30,000 Pakistani Rupees or about $300.

His dream of buying his own house felt impossible. “We were living in a rented house. I was eager to have a house of my own, but it looked like that dream was never coming true under the circumstances I was in,” said Magri.

The financial problems he was facing pushed him to find other ways to make a couple extra bucks. That was when he embarked on his Freelancer journey.

“I signed up on several freelance sites but chose because it was the only site that had potential,” he said. Magri mentioned that in 2011, one of his colleagues introduced the website to him. It has been smooth sailing since then. His part time freelancing started as a source of extra income that would support his monthly salary. In 2013, Magri left his desk job and decided to do freelancing full time.

The choice he made was a stepping stone that lead to his financial freedom. He started earning twice as much as his previous job. That was the moment he realized that his dreams were within his grasp and that all he had to do was to seize the opportunity.

The most memorable job he had was when he was tasked to fix a website that a number of other freelancers couldn’t. The employer offered to pay any amount as long as the job was completed. However, the employer had some doubts in giving Magri the job because he wasn’t sure about its outcome. Magri said, "I wanted to prove him wrong, and so I did". His determination to accomplish the job was unmatched. After dedicating hours of work, he did what the employer thought was impossible; he fixed the website! The employer paid him double of what he asked for because of the excellent service he rendered. To top it off, he was even hired for a long-term project.

When you set your goals and put in the hours, anything is attainable. Magri, after two years of working as a Freelancer, now owns a house, a car, and has real estate investments. He also put up a small software company in Pakistan. His family is very thankful for the blessings they have received and that Freelancer was their ticket to a better tomorrow.

Magri believes that in order to excel in Freelancer, you must follow three things:

  1. Give your all in everything you do. Never settle for mediocrity; always go for the gold!
  2. Bid on projects that you’re confident in and work on your craft.
  3. Make your client’s satisfaction your utmost priority.

When you prioritize the quality of your work, the money will follow. 

For your software needs, hire Muhammad Mushtaq Magri.

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