The Most Useful List Of Resources To Grow Your Business

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Are you ready to expand your company to the next level? Have you outgrown your current level, and expansion is necessary for the increase in profit and sales? When you are ready to expand your business, consideration of several options is necessary. Options include whether to register in a new state or design a new business there, to create a franchise, launch another location, pursue different markets, or inflate worldwide. Planning for additional encounters is one part of the procedure, and a list of 400 resources can help you grow your business. These can be found at the teamgate blog. This article will select the top three of each category to help you have a shortened but still comprehensive list of all of the useful resources needed to grow your business.

Technological Use to Stay Ahead 

Living in a technological society, keeping ahead of advances is the best way to assure growth and management of new trends before your competitors do.

A. Website Tools

The following website building tools are free and will help you get your business up and running online at no extra costs. Your website is paramount to the success of your company; it is your link to the world, and it can literally determine whether you succeed or fail over the next few years.

1. Bootstrap Zero: Hundreds of templates and themes, both open-source and responsive, are available for downloading for Bootstrap.

2. Landing Harbor: The perfect site for promoting your business; it offers a free landing page if you have a mobile app. 

3. Com: One of the most comprehensive free website builders with hundreds of themes. 

 B. Logo Generator

Your logo is your branding, and it is the central focal image in promoting your business to your customers. It's the image you want your customers to remember you by. Five logo generators that are free for your company, and easy to use are listed below. 

1. Hipster Logo Generator: Searching for that hip and trendy logo? Try here first.

2. Logaster: In search of a professional logo? Look no further.

3. Squarespace Free Logo: Squarespace has created a free logo generator with a two-step program including downloadable low and high-resolution images.

C. Generator for Business Names 

Your company name needs to be chosen carefully. It needs to be memorable and marketable. It is your first impression, your introduction to investors and to the public. If you need some guidance, these name generator tools should help out.  

1. Impossibility: It's given itself the title – “best domain name generator ever.” There's only one way to find out.

2. The Name App: Helps you find a name for any ideas you have

3. Wordoid: Lets you create new and catchy words for your business or for your next product. Available in English, French, Spanish, and Italian

D. Legal Documents

Fancy cutting costs without losing performance? Then don’t be charged with these free invoicing and legal docs resources for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

1. Docracy: open collection of legal contracts and documents

2. Shake: create a legal agreement and sign it in a matter of minutes for free. It’s optimized for mobile so it’s easy to use.

3. Wave: ideal for small business owners who are looking for fast and easy accounting and invoicing, and it’s free.

E. Idea Management

When you have a great idea, don't pass it up. Give it a chance to blossom and grow. Test them out using idea management tools.

1. allows you to track your ideas while you work with your team, collaborating with them and turning your dreams into reality. 

2. Experiment Board: gives the community a chance to sample your idea before you have even marketed or publicly launched it 

3. Skitch: Evernote makes your ideas pop and stand out from other ideas

Ideas that are Trending

Feeling left behind in the online world? Need to catch up with the here and now? Never miss a beat on what's trending with these free tools that generate content curation.

1. Ruzzit: place of the most shared content on the Internet along with their popularity score and on what social media platform

2. Feedly: compiles all news feeds according to category or source. It can be customized and shared

3. Google Trends: displays trending searches in real time

4. Swayy: gives you the latest and most interesting news on the web. However, the subscription is only free to one dashboard user.

Tip: once you’re ready to scale the marketing efforts for your company, check out these online business tools that content marketing consultant, Ryan Robinson, recommends for growing your traffic.    

Push your social presence to the next level with free image editing tools that will enable you to instantly create stunning visuals and professional-looking graphics to make your stories resonate.

PicMonkey: edit your pictures, make beautiful collages, or create professional-looking graphics, PicMonkey has it for free

Pixlr: easy to use online photo editor

Canva: beautiful designs for your blog, Facebook page, or website allows you to create stunning visuals, such as infographics, resumes, or marketing presentations. You can share your works for free as well.

Meme Generator: create a meme instantly in just three easy steps. You don’t even need to upload a picture. Available in 4 languages.

Pablo: increase or make your social presence stand out with these beautiful, free images from Pablo

Place It: more than 2,500 mock-ups and videos across all devices for free

Recite: make any quote memorable and visually enticing with Recite. Just type your favorite quote and choose from the ready-to-use templates. After that, you can share it to any social network or email straight to anyone.

Social Image Resizer Tool: resizes and changes the file format of any image for web use

Optimizing images no longer means losing on quality. Resize and compress your images to make them load faster and use less disk space with free image optimization tools. reduce or optimize any image you have without changing the quality of the image.

Dunnnk: Dunnnk is never short of beautiful mockups for Android and iOS devices, all of which are high quality

Image Optim: compresses your images without losing the quality so that your images can load faster.

Image Optimizer: free online image optimizer, compressor, and resizer. It now has a downloadable version allowing you to work offline.

InstaMockup: a free iOS tool which allows you to create beautiful mockups and allow you to showcase your product in real environments. Available for both iPad and iPhone.

TinyJPG: allows you to compress and optimize your JPEG and PNG images WordPress image compression and optimization tool

Have your inspiration fairies abandoned you lately? Feeling stuck in a rut with your writing routine? Take note of these free blogging and writing tools that will bring back the inspiration.. a small note-taking tool which allows you to take notes using your browser. The best thing about it - it automatically saves your notes so that it is still there when you return.

CoSchedule: analyzes your headlines and suggests how you can write them better in order to drive more traffic to your website

Editorial Calendar: a WordPress blog management tool which allows you to see your blog posts in one place

Egg Timer: a simple online timer which you can repeatedly use for free

Blank Page: makes writing, simple and hassle-free

Free Summarizer: summarize your long sentence so that it still makes sense

Liberio: create and publish an eBook straight from Google Docs

Known: a social learning community which allows you to write and collaborate with others. You can also publish it and let the community give you feedback and advice. Perfect for authors who are just starting out.

Story Wars: allows you to collaborate and share stories with other writers from across the globe

WP Hide Post: WordPress plugin that lets you control what appears on your blog. You can even control which part of a particular blog can be seen by the readers.

Social Locker: another free WordPress plugin which asks your visitor to share, a like, or tweet your content before reading it.

Medium: a free blogging platform

Hemingway: a writing app that automatically corrects the syntax of your sentences, highlighting them with different colors so you know specifically what is wrong with it.

Grammarly: an online editor that corrects your grammar and sentence cohesiveness. It now has a downloadable version.

Don’t let a poor SEO performance drag your site’s performance down. Try these free SEO and website optimization tools to collect feedback, analyze and improve your SEO strategy.  

Ahrefs: checks your backlinks and analyzes your website

Alexa Ranking: analyzes the ranking of any site by providing you analytical insights

Browseo: gives you feedback about how search engines view your site

Broken Links: you don’t have to worry about 404s anymore, as this tool finds any broken links and redirects them to the correct page

Copyscape: analyzes content to verify if it’s plagiarized

Google Pagespeed Insights: another of Google’s useful tools which checks how your site performs

Google: Analytics | Keyword Planner | Webmaster Tools | Trends                                                   

GTMetrics: this is the tool to use if you want to know how fast your website performance is

Hubspot Marketing Grader: get feedback for your marketing efforts search for the right keywords for your content

Moz Local: find your local listing on any search engine

Nibbler: tests any website’s performance, popularity, and more

OpenLink Profiler: analyzes and checks backlinks from any website to ensure that you get the freshest and the best ones

Open Site Explorer: also a link analyzer tool

Pingdom: tests how fast your website loads

Quick Sprout: provides a comprehensive analysis of your website

SimilarWeb: analyzes and provides insights for any website or app

SEO Site Checkup: checks how well your website’s SEO performs and gives you feedback so you’ll know which ones need fixing

SERPs Rank Checker: checks how well your SERP ranking and SEO performs

Shopify e-Commerce Report: free business tools to grow your Shopify business

W3C Validator: validates the mark-up validity of any Web documents on any file format

Woorank: screens and analyzes the SEO ranking of your website

XML Sitemaps: allows you to create XML, HTM, and Text sitemaps which can be submitted to any major search engines

These free email tools will give you back your time and peace of mind: create, send, track and analyze your campaigns for free.  

Beefree: makes writing emails much easier

Canned Emails: ready-made email messages you can use

Contact Form 7: a free WordPress plugin which allows you to collect emails

Hello Bar: a tool which enables you to attract more email subscribers

Mailchimp: allows you to send your emails to multiple recipients with just one click. It also has a premium version which enables you to send your emails to more recipients.

Mailerlite: track your emails and find out who has already read them

Mailgun: allows you to send 10,000 free emails every month

Mandrill: send 12,000 emails every month for free

ManyContactsBar: free contact form for your website

Scroll Triggered Box: free WordPress plugin that boosts your conversion rates

Sendgrid: allows you to deliver your emails to 12,000 people every month for free

Sendinblue: email management tool which allows you to send free 9,000 emails every month

Sumome List Builder: convert your visitors into customers and subscribers

Sumome Scroll Box: allows you to grow your email list in a polite way

Your time can be better spent connecting with customers and building your brand, rather than counting likes and shares. Automate your social media with these free online tools to amplify your promotional efforts and increase the engagement.

Addthis: enables you to get more likes, shares, follows, and conversions

App Review Monitor: get insights from the latest app reviews straight to your inbox or Slack account

Bitly: shortens your links so you can share and send them much more easily

Buffer Free Plan: allows you to schedule your posts to any social media network

Digg Digg: a free WordPress plugin that shares your content on all platforms with just one click

Disqus: build your audience by increasing your engagement and allowing discussions

Click To Tweet: tool that lets you get more shares for your blog posts and content

Filament: a customizable share bar

Free Survey Creator: lets you create a survey and acquire feedback for free

How Many Shares: monitor how many shares your content has in various social media networks

Crowdfire: a simple way of growing your audience

Klout: social media analytics tool which rates your social media influence

Latergram:  a perfect tool for your Instagram account which helps you schedule your Instagram posts

MyTweetLinks: increases your Twitter audience

Presskit Generator: creates a press kit for your app for free

Ritetag: Chrome and Firefox browser extension that analyzes your hashtag

SharedCount: lets you track how many shares, likes, and tweets your content has

SocialRank: Twitter management tool

Social Analytics: a free Chrome extension which allows you to get the social data of any URL from supported social networks

Sumome Share: automatically optimizes your share button to increase your website traffic

WordPress Pin It Button for Images: WordPress plugin which allows you to place a “Pin It” button to your images

WriteRack: the perfect tool to create a tweetstorm

Take the guesswork out of website optimization by basing your decisions on real data, rather than your own hunch. A few proven growth hacks can take your business a long way.

GrowthHackers: lets you create a fast and sustainable financial and customer growth

Hello Bar: lets you test your call-to-actions and keywords

Petit Hacks: helps you grow your conversion rate by teaching you retention, revenue, and acquisition hacks

Optimizely: helps you optimize your app or website

Can you think of any other tool you would like to this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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