Web Design Trends to Help You Get Inspired

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The future is here. Our way of accessing and browsing content on the Net has now transformed from boring-looking HTML pages to dynamic interactive web pages, with video backgrounds, parallax scrolling pages and much more. 


The site above has an example of a video background landing page. As Web professionals, we often look to others for inspiration and unique ideas that can help us transform our websites to easily adapt to the growing market and its habits. Here are some Web design trends to help you get inspired. 

  1. Grid-style Layouts

This is a way of putting together a webpage so that it becomes very streamlined and easy to navigate. It also highlights the most important stuff on a page that is filled with various items. This type of design draws inspiration from Microsoft’s Windows 8 UI. 

      2. Dedicated Landing Pages for Applications 

As the name suggests, nowadays it has become commonplace to have a dedicated webpage for showcasing your new iOS or Android app. The page includes screenshots from the app, and also a direct link to the download. It's also a very unique way to market the application. 

    3. Dedicated Video Widgets Especially HTML5 

Flash isn't used in many devices anymore, such as Apple’s iOS systems, and a better and faster alternative has emerged in the form of HTML5. Many websites that develope software such as Adobe Muse, Wordpress, etc. offer HTML5-embedding widgets that are not only easy to implement but also give your site an awesome feel and flow. Now, video also speaks louder than words. 

     4. Flat Design Elements 

As I am constantly highlighting in my other articles, Flat theme-based designs have been getting very prominent and more mainstream since Apple launched their new UI. Flat theme-based work is easy to maintain, make, and interact with. The clean, clutter-free designs that do not only provide room to breathe but also give a fresh new look to your content. 

    5. Personal Portraits 

Personal portraits are now being used to give viewers a sense of comfort and make them believe more in the content you are providing. Stock images are ok to fill the pages, but personal portraits or something with a personal touch always reflects who you are, which is one of the most important things that will make your site stand out. 

      6. Web-Font Libraries

The Comic Sans days are over. Make use of modern font libraries, or create your own, but giving your designs and content a good font suite will immediately make your product and work a lot more impactful.

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