What To Look For When Hiring A Graphic Designer?

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Any business in this world is incomplete without graphics. Good graphics signify professionalism and quality, two traits that can help a business go a long way towards achieving success. Considering this, graphic designing came out to be one of the hottest professions of the 21st century and a skill many seemed to be interested in.

Nowadays, you can hire graphic designers in a single click from any online platforms. If for any reason you find yourself looking for the best graphic designer, you are going to have a wide range of options available in the form of hundreds of skilled freelancers and companies offering you their services. When the options are so many, it becomes necessary to filter only the best out of them all so your expectations are not only matched, but also surpassed. This makes choosing the right graphic designer a tedious job. Here are some of the key traits of a good graphic designer you might have to spot before you entrust them with your projects.


Look for Technical Skills

An ideal graphic designer must have various technical skills in the form of web design tools such as HTML and CSS, as well as mastery in designing software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. The designer must also have excellent knowledge in the field of typography, as it is a factor that can make or break a logo. Other factors such as UI/UX knowledge, print design and branding can be a bonus, but are not a must. The greater the technical knowledge, the better the creativity.


Review the portfolio

Experience matters. When a graphic designer claims to have experience, they should probably have a portfolio to back that up. Have a good look at the portfolio and go through as much of their work as you can. This can tell you about their abilities as graphic designers, what exactly they might be capable of, and whether the standards match those of your company.


Knack for Creativity

The designer must have a knack for creativity, and should be well aware of the latest design trends. Every business or client has a type, and every art a graphic designer is tasked with has a purpose. Considering this, the designer must make the best out of his or her creativity to come up with an end result that is not only appealing to the common eye, but also simple and comprehensive.


Communication Skills

The perfect graphic designer should know how to communicate with a client, and talk freely about their story, brand and ideas. These communication skills also go a long way towards negotiating and developing relations with the customer. Besides, they allow the designer to understand what exactly the client is looking for, and how to impress them.


Thorough Interview

Organize a spot test as part of the interview or screening process. This spot test can include you asking the designer to explain a design idea for a certain business type in a given situation, and based on the response, evaluate their ability and creativity levels. The portfolio alone will not always say it all.



 Your designer should be able to tell you how much attention to detail he or she shall be giving to your artwork. Besides, ask in detail about the process they shall be following in order to complete the work in a timely manner. Ask if you will be getting chances to view various revisions and options, hoping for satisfactory responses.


Time Management

Managing time is a skill not every designer may possess, and you would definitely want yours to have that trait. Your graphic designer must show you several options and make any revisions as per need and well before the deadline, so as the deadline approaches, you too arrive closer to your perfect artworkby making the best out of your designer.

The above checklist is surely going to help you filter only the finest among all of your options, considering how you are going to have hundreds willing to do the job for you everywhere you ask.While many out there claim to know it all and do it all, any recruiter would need help finding theright designer who has a knack for the exact skill that you are looking for. To conclude, the last tipwould be to make the best out of the graphic designer and never settle for an unsatisfactory end result.


Now that you are an expert in hiring graphic designers, do you want us to write another hiring guide for a specific skill in mind? Comment your suggestions below! 

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