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The best way to earn clients' trust without reviews is to be honest, especially about your qualifications. Note that there are many jokers masquerading as experts in different fields and yet they have no idea what some of these fields entail. Believe in yourself; if you truly have what it takes, tell the client. Ensure that your profile is complete; that is like your resume online. Most emplo... Читать дальше

Downgrading to free membership plan

вопрос задан Fani Georgieva 9 месяца(-ев) назад в категории Фриланс 13 лайк (-а,-ов) 18 ответ(-а,-ов)
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Hello! I had the same problem, but I spoke to Customer Support about it, and they were able to help. Here's what you have to do. Go to your Settings tab. There, you'll see Membership. From THAT Membership tab, you'll be able to cancel and downgrade to a free membership. If you go straight to Membership from the right-side options bar, you don't get that option. So, Settings, THEN Membership. I'm ... Читать дальше

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If a milestone is reversed, it would be for two reasons. 1. A valid reason that you've not upheld your part of the bargain, and the employer wants a refund of the money paid to you. In this case you need to work it out with the employer and if it does not work out, then contact freelancer through the dispute system. If you've been hit by multiple milestone reversals, you have probably some extre... Читать дальше

How does Freelancer.com work?

вопрос задан ninoben2 11 месяца(-ев) назад в категории Фриланс 7 лайк (-а,-ов) 16 ответ(-а,-ов)
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Freelancer.com is a webpage which brings together people who want to work (freelancers) and people or companies which are in need for employees. For employers there are a few ways to post work, they can create projects, this is one of the mostly used method to work with employees on freelancer.com. Another option is to create contests where many freelancers can submit their work and the employ... Читать дальше

I can't send message to the client.

вопрос задан boscofelix 7 месяца(-ев) назад в категории Фриланс 6 лайк (-а,-ов) 17 ответ(-а,-ов)
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If you are the first bidder to bid on any project then a default message popped up to the employer from your side . It will state something like this "Hey, I'm interested in your project. Please send me a message so that we can discuss more." And it will be visible to you also . But if you try to send further message to the Employer it will show error . You will be able to send the messages... Читать дальше

the employer cancel te job

вопрос задан raqueldejesus 7 месяца(-ев) назад в категории Фриланс 6 лайк (-а,-ов) 12 ответ(-а,-ов)
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Hi, we all have the same problem. freelancer.com will not give you the money back. So, the solution in my opinion is according the following steps: 1) fell free to bed on projects 2) if you agree with the employer with chat and before awarding the project 3) request from him/her to open a per hour project for you 4) in per hour project you will pay nothing until you get paid * 5) if he/she... Читать дальше

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Hello there, You may report dispute the project since employer does not want to pay. Freelancer team will provide ample time to both Employer and Developer to present their arguments and then they will handle the dispute. Before filling any dispute please make sure every single information related to project must have been discussed via Freelancer chat. Читать дальше

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