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Спрашивайте и учитесь у фрилансеров-экспертов

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See its always hard to get job when you are a beginner, but here is what you can do which can increase your chance of getting job or atleast client will communicate with you.
1. Choose project only in which you are expert and confident that you will complete it successfully and efficiently.
2. When you bid don't bid according to other bidders, one way is to estimate how much it will take to complete project and just calculate cost according to hourly rate. Its always best to bid for medium budget for beginners.
3. Make your proposal in such a way that client understand what you will do after getting project like in how much time you will complete it and how much experience you have in working like this projects.
4. And at last if client contact you, be respectful, be honest about your work and experience and you will get the job.

I hope this will help you, as this what I did when I was beginner and I still follow this steps.
Best of luck :)

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