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I am not getting any project. What should I do?

вопрос задан Tahir Shahzad 3 марта, 2017

I made this account a couple of year ago but due to my job I didn't had enough time for freelancing. Last year I did 2,3 small jobs on freelancer. Now I really need to earn based on my skills instead of doing regular job.
But unfortunately I am not getting any project. Can anyone review my profile and guide me?

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ответил 2 года (лет) назад
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All beginnings are difficult. I've just given your profile a look and it's on point really. What I suggest is that you spend more time surfing Freelancer; for the more you do, the better your chances are to finding the perfect project for you. If you seem to send a great many proposals but receive little response then it probably has to do with how you present your proposal to the client. My advice is: Try to be creative while bidding. You should sound less robotic since a lot of those who bid on projects are bots. You need to make your proposal stand out. Meaning, you could ask a question, perhaps even use a customize greeting. For instance if the client is from Japan, it would interest him if you began your proposal with "Konnichiwa" and so on. I also suggest that you conclude your bids with a call-to-action statement, something like "Contact me so we could discuss it further" and its likes.
I hope this be of good help to you and I wish you the very best of luck.

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ответил 2 мес. назад
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I worked as a freelancer from 2009 to 2016. Now I have again signed up. I also faced similar problem for a longer period when I first signed on freelancer.com. I realized my mistakes later. I viewed my bids from my clients point of view and compared my bid with others who used to bag a project almost twice a week. You have to do inspection of your profile and bid and decide If you were the client would you choose your own bid for that particular project? Well I can't write here every thing that is needed to not only just win a bid but also how to execute it successfully and get the money for your work. I leave a link below that has tutorials explaining everything a successful freelancer should follow.

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