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Logo Design mis using the mock-ups.

вопрос задан Bujar Luboci 16 марта, 2016

Do you you guys think that freelancer should remove the mock-up deceiving option for amateur designer to trick clients into thinking how the design looks like. its getting out of hand to be honest, i understand that the client needs to know how the product looks like in certain branding objects, but people are submitting those at first entry without the client asking them. many of new new clients fall for this trick. But i know that as a professional a logo must be firstly shown in blank white paper which i rarely seen someone using this method, while on the other hand people start submitting logo on tall buildings without any reason..

What do you guys think?

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ответил 8 месяцев(-а) назад
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I'm fairly certain anyone with an ounce of common sense seeking to commission these things *knows* the necessity of seeing a design in it's plainest graphic terms first and certainly - any advisement we as designers can proffer publicly that the client insist, before committing to any one given design - to see a plain example - hardly not in everyone's better interest. However...

Making rules about these kinds of things, banning the use of templates, etc - somewhat unnecessary and hardly practical.

I present my work however I see fit - I'm not going to tolerate *anyone* telling me how to do my job, period. We start down this path of insisting people do things a certain way and no other - where does it it...?

The client's got eyes, hands, a brain and tiny-tiny fingers all of their own - I haven't yet met a single anyone who was terribly swayed by obvious use of what clearly is a presentation template.

If the competition insist on disclosing themselves as not terribly gifted - are we really doing ourselves any actual favors complaining about that...?

Use your loaf.

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ответил 1 месяц назад
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Hello everyone,

In my humble opinion I think that mock ups can really harm both the designer and the client as well, How?

? As a client: You really don't get a real sense of your logo when it is placed on a 3d logo mock up, in reality your logo is a flat piece of art "mostly" so you are definitely not having the look and evaluation you need to have.

? As a designer: You have no idea how many times I saw this mix
"A good logo + horrible mock up" especially those mock ups that spread all over the web everywhere which lead to one unfortunate result >> bad "looking" logo.

In conclusion: I am not against using a mock up but I am totally against to be the only way you present your logo, Trust me you deserve more than that and your client too.

Wish you all the best luck,
Ahmed Samir

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ответил 7 месяцев(-а) назад
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I believe that qualified designers should actually put their photocopy of their qualification on their profile to show they are designers not some every day Joe just using clip and paste from royalty free sites. Secondly when designers from certain countries such as Asia put quotes on for jobs it would be nice if they were to inform their own government tax department that they are working freelance mmmm again this all leads to proper monitoring of the designs and also like you stated common sense these competitions seem to attract poor designers who will design something in a space of a day and the client will no doubt not be bothered as they need it in a rush. Seeing a logo over blank white doesn't matter to some people it a world of I don't care now and unless you set your own freelance dept up its going to stay like that.

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