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Every web design must have a collection of different textures and patterns. In as much as you can create your own (that is what designers do anyway), you can save time and effort by downloading the same from various online resources. Some are available as free downloads, while others may cost a small fee.

1. Lost and Taken: This one of the best resources for background textures. Users can browse through a wide collection in various categories. Whether you want old stained notebook pages or vintage film filters, this is the place to check out.
2. Graphic River: This site has wide range of textures that are not only easy to download, but also use. You can also find other downloads such as add-ons and vectors. The layout of the site is easy to navigate.
3. Webgraphics: Browse through a large collection of themed background textures, from retro linen to seamless burlap with Webgraphics. These textures fit various contexts and need, check them out.
4. Texture King: Get all types of outdoor textures such as bark, concrete and wood from Texture King. Here, possibilities are unlimited because most of the textures are world-class and unique.
5. Subtle Patterns: This is perfect for background textures for any web-related projects.

There are many other resources such as Free textures for layers, Blog Spoon Graphics, plus many more where you can always find textures and patterns to suit various design themes of your choice.

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Sometimes, a website design is not complete without a mix of textures and patterns. There are plenty of free sources you could use to get what you need to complete your web design. Here are some of them:
o Companyfolders.com offers 64 card stock photos free of charge. These are 64-Hi resolution photos of patterns that you can download at no charge.
o Brusheezy.com is another site that offers Photoshop patterns and brushes. All you have to do is input the keyword associated with the feel you are going for and search for what you want. You can also sort out your results by category.
o Wegraphics.net is an additional resource that you could also use if you intend to enhance textures and patterns within your web designs. There are plenty of free options from which to choose and they are of high quality.
o Subtlepatterns.com contains hundreds of patterns contributed by numerous people all for your use. You can download the patterns you want to your computer or use the site's Photoshop plug-in to get what you need.
o Designrfix.com offers plenty of pattern and texture collections for your use. Many of them are meant to be used with Photoshop.
o Texturepalace.com offers plenty of textures for your use. You can also submit your own for other people to use.
o Lostandtaken.com is another resource that will come in handy when you are on the search for multiple textures for your site. The available patterns are well organized into various categories, which make for an easier searching process. Hope this helps!

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