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Сотни великолепных работ

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Гарантия возврата средств

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On webpage need to fetch audio files from online server. Place each related file side-by-side in tracks visible on website (see attached file for simple example). Allow manual or auto...

13 $1000 USD Jul 5, 2020 5 дня(-ей), 18 часов Организовать подобный конкурс

We need to generate a new, more actual company image. The type of logo ideally to keep (with the X in the word), but with new more pastel colors (ideally reddish, orange -> considering ...

24 $100 USD Jul 4, 2020 3 дня(-ей), 1 час Организовать подобный конкурс

We need a new visual that represents our brand We are a group of young, smart professionals determined to solve the biggest problems in healthcare within our country and the world at...

363 $100 USD Jul 4, 2020 4 недель Организовать подобный конкурс

Hi, I am a fantasy-romance author and an avid fan of anime. I have written more than 5 webnovel books which can be found online and I am interested in creating a trailer tease for the n...

3 $500 USD Jul 4, 2020 1 неделя, 4 дня(-ей) Организовать подобный конкурс

Hi! I'm creating a nonprofit called Students Against Child Marriage that's committed to ending American child marriage. Every year, over 75,000 young children (mostly girls age 13-16) i...

423 $130 USD Jul 3, 2020 36 мин., 15 сек. Организовать подобный конкурс

Cool by Nature Chill by name. Chill is a first and last mile refrigerated logistics company with a suite of services that forges trusting, strategic relationships with clients driven ...

420 $300 AUD Jul 3, 2020 14 часов, 28 мин. Организовать подобный конкурс

Samuel and I are two students evolving in the world of Artificial Intelligence research. We are currently working on a non-profit organization project called "France-IA", which aims ...

298 €100 EUR Jul 2, 2020 4 дня(-ей), 2 часов Организовать подобный конкурс

The company name is Coozaar. We are a Marketplace/ Bazaar for Food. Cooking Bazaar! Coozaar is a platform for people who love to cook at home and would like to sell them online. We wil...

555 $100 SGD Jul 1, 2020 1 день, 17 часов Организовать подобный конкурс