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Сотни великолепных работ

Сотни великолепных работ

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100% удовлетворенность

100% удовлетворенность

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Гарантия возврата средств

Гарантия возврата средств

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Our company brand is all about mountain sports and nature. (Logo is in the attachments). The logo should be on the shirt. ATTACHMENT !!!!!BERGBOCK!!!!! There are some attachments for ...

35 €50 EUR Nov 17, 2017 5 дней, 19 часов Опубликовать подобный конкурс

My company "Be Artists" represents photographers & videographers, mostly in the music industry. By design, the name was created to encompass not just music, photos, or one specific mod...

26 $125 USD Nov 17, 2017 1 неделя, 1 день Опубликовать подобный конкурс

We want to have all employees send out emails with a standard design for their email signature. We are using to make sure the same signature is...

37 $200 USD Nov 17, 2017 4 дней, 14 часов Опубликовать подобный конкурс

Ok, I require a flyer that is needed by the weekend. Saturday afternoon at the latest. I need the flyer to look clean but a little creative so it stands out. The theme of the flyer is c...

31 $30 USD Nov 17, 2017 1 день, 9 часов Опубликовать подобный конкурс

Basic Information: If you just want to do this contest and be done that's fine; however, ideally I'm looking for someone who can edit videos for me on a weekly basis for my YouTube cha...

4 $150 USD Nov 17, 2017 5 дней, 9 часов Опубликовать подобный конкурс

I need a logo for a new medication therapy management website called RxGuru. We employ Pharmacists who meet with patients virtually using videoconferencing technology. We do NOT sell ...

329 $120 USD Nov 17, 2017 3 дней, 8 часов Опубликовать подобный конкурс

I am in need of a very short 10-15 second video for a facebook ad. I want to mimic the way that this ad appears to jump from post to post.

0 $100 USD Nov 16, 2017 5 дней, 6 часов Опубликовать подобный конкурс

We would like you to take a current graphic that we have and make it new and fresh. The idea would be to create a piece 8x11 (paper) that we could use as a hand-out in our meetings with...

21 $100 USD Nov 16, 2017 3 дней, 3 часов Опубликовать подобный конкурс