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75 oz Detergent Bottle

Hello. Here are two models with a different handle thickness, the dimensions of the two models are those that correspond to a volume of capacity of 2.2L, so the two models correspond to the requested volume, which allows you to have the closest visual possible of the final result, the dimensions of the handles were made according to the standards of an adult hand, this is not just a visual model only, it is made from calculations of volumes and according to standards. I can make modifications if desired of course. I hope you will take the time to review my work and let me know what changes you want.

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  • Seyli
    • 3 месяцев назад

    Thank you for your feedback..
    I cut out the horizontal lines to strengthen the bottles when stacked on top of each other.

    I will make some modification concerning the cap and I will repost .

    • 3 месяцев назад
  • soapliox
    Организатор конкурса
    • 3 месяцев назад

    Please put a regular detergent cap. There is nothing now. Also can't see the bottom if it's stackable.
    Love the handle.
    Those horizontal lines weren't meant to be cut out, it was shown where the label will be, but also looks nice with them. Could play around without them also.

    • 3 месяцев назад