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Краткое описание конкурса

Decision Avatars are "solutions/products" that represent the mental models of subject matter experts combining an expert's human intelligence and input from artificial intelligence to turn an expert's mental decision making model and process into an algorithm which can then be applied by users to their own decision making challenges. The users apply the Decision Avatar (algorithm trained by the expert) in the form of a scalable solution (like Word, PPT or other software) feeding their own input values into the solution and as a result, understanding what the expert (in the form of the Decision Avatar) would have decided based on the input provided in the specific decision context. A Decision Avatar normally needs to be constantly adapted (retrained) by the experts when the context of decision challenges and thus the relevant variables change.

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“He provided the most suitable logo and was quick in reacting to our change requirements. ”

Изображение профиля DecisionIntel, Australia.

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