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Краткое описание конкурса

Logo should include the name:



Datumix Inc

Using either capital or small lettering is ok.
We want to project a fresh, clean, simple and modern technology image for our company.
We also want an insignia alongside the name that can brand our company and potentially be used independently without the lettering alongside too.

We are an artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and big data analysis company. We build AI and data analysis solutions for clients in both online and offline business environments.

Our products are stand alone digital solutions for AI based recommendation, analytics and logging systems used by major e-commerce globally. We want the logo to help attract web based inquiries and to stand out as an instantly recognizable logo in social media. We also work in offline AI projects in big data control, AI integrated IoT and development solutions for industry, energy and heavy engineering in the real world.

We prefer an abstract styled logo (shapes, circles, curves, etc, rather than pictures) and do not want anything too busy, complicated or with many fine details or too many lines.

That said, we have no absolute determining requirements for design and welcome seeing creativity that gives us new ideas too, rather than relying on our past judgment alone. If you believe you can stun us with creativity and new ideas, please do!

It is not essential, but we hope to keep coloring in the blues (#438BD9, #274B81) to match web site designs, along with light gray and whites, but this is also flexible for the right design.

We NEED a suitable final logo that can provide an image of technology professionalism to our company, as an end product.

We work within US and Japanese markets which are expanding rapidly. (Please be aware that communication will come from the Japanese time zone.)

The winner of this competition may have the opportunity to work with us on additional ongoing design projects in future.

Do you think you can help us? Please enter and we look forward to seeing your design!

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Отзыв работодателя

“Provided a great logo for our company. We couldn't be happier with our design. ”

Изображение профиля ianeveryday, Japan.

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