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Last Dates Modern Contemporary Logo

Hey! I took a great interest in your project! After looking at your logo 'inspirations' I came up with this one. Last Dates' initials 'LD' create a clever/modern looking character. Feel free to ask for any changes or make any suggestions! About me: I am currently in my 3rd year of studying BA Graphic Design at the Southampton Solent University in England. I am also currently founding my own sustainably thinking design agency in Cologne, Germany.

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  • deatul
    Организатор конкурса
    • 7 лет назад

    I really appreciate your creativity, unfortunately this can't be used as logo of a news website

    • 7 лет назад
    1. NikBirkemeyer
      • 7 лет назад

      I understand! At the same time I don't. Do you want the cliché calendars/bubbles/clocks instead? Think of all the great logos that are recognizable instead of using the clichés of their markets ;) just saying because you seem to like it but don't think its appropriate for your purpose! But I will try to come up with another one for you!

      • 7 лет назад