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Our target is to expose the freelancer logo to as many possible future freelancer in the Philippines so we exposed it in two of the biggest University in Manila, the capital of our country, ( Adamson University and Philippine Women's University ). We want the undergraduate and graduating students to have an idea about the site specially those who want to work part time and earn. We also exposed the logo in the famous Bay walk that can be found in manila, even hospital and park beside the Manila zoo. We chose to expose the logo by walking the big banner around and let people notice it and be curios, as a Mass Communication major i chose this strategy because there is a big chance that people who saw the logo will be curios and check the site. with the hope of having a celebrity "endorser" we visited "ONYOK VELASCO'S" boxing gym in makati, he is a Filipino boxer and comedian, we spotted one of FILAM popular actor,"JON AVILA" who willingly posed for freelancer.com :)

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