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5 days long freelancer.com logo expose campaign

We Did a Massive freelancer.com logo expose campaign for 5 days. Which includes a Auto-Rickshaw Rally, Giant Banner, Giant Billboard etc. We exposed the logo at Rajshahi University, Rajshahi College and at the most busiest places of our city. We distributed 5000 leaflet, 2000 Wrist Band (Bracelet), 1000 T-shirt, 2000 flag and all was printed with freelancer.com logo. 1000+ people was involved and we did expose the freelancer.com logo massively. We did a flashmob and created a Hummingbird with many people. So we can say that we exposed the freelancer.com logo to all people of our city. But we are not finished yet. We are still working on to expose the freelancer.com logo. Hope you like our video.

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  • evabandelj
    • 4 лет назад

    Hi there, have you noticed the latest Expose Our Logo Challenge https://www.freelancer.com/contest/challenges/exposeourlogo2015? Maybe you'd be interested in taking part again this year!

    • 4 лет назад
  • masninemostafa
    • 6 лет назад

    We are still working on to expose the freelancer

    • 6 лет назад