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The Job Search

Thanks for the extra week! Gave me time to tighten the editing and replace a scene. Here is my resubmission, and entry #161 is now withdrawn.>>>>>>DESCRIPTION: Silent film meets the magical land of Freelancer.com in this fun and quirky entry. All elements, other than the music (which are listed under Creative Commons License), are my own - this includes the script, filming, design and editing. Special thanks to Murray Farnell, Jenna Hill and Jean-Marc Lafond for helping me put this together on such short notice. Good luck to all entries! Music credits: Fig Leaf Rag - Kevin MacLeod, incompetech.com (Creative Commons License) trance_5190 - Soundcloud, soundcloud.com (Creative Commons License)

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    • 6 лет назад

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    • 6 лет назад