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Home Cinema Design

Designed was modelled using Revit and rendered in lumion and photoshop. In the First option i went for a bright approach negating the normal fashion and trend of dark cinema materials. I used wood, stone, a fabric floor material. spot lights at the back where the snack bar is and ambient lights on the slowly raked ceiling. Used red chairs and have inbuilt speakers in the wooden compartment in front housing the 100 inches projector screen. In the second design i went with the normal trend and approached the design with a dark theme, I used a dark blue floor fabric, a sectional couch and a normal couch seating 8 people in total elevated 150mm away from the (NGL) natural ground level. the use of black cloth chairs help with sound absorption as well as going in play with the dark setting. Wooden patterned wall panels, spotlights and ambient lights on the dark ceiling with white accents to help with a little but of reflectivity though the material texture is matte.

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