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Spike shooting worm

you are a spike shooting worm that need to fight against other spike shooting worms, every worm that you kill will give you radiation-essence that you can interchange for mutations in the worms market, after you advance in mutations you can unlock a giant worm mutation, that will make your character grow to human size worm, then the real fun start because you start fighting against hordes of humans and gain control of the radioactive wasteland. it can be a first person shooter or a top down shooter, you win when you overcome the final Mecha Boss, you lose when your rads get to 0, you lose rad every time you revive and you use your rads every time you buy. i model a simple and fast sketch in blender, i can model a final result for you and send it as a game asset.

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  • gamesforgirlsou
    Организатор конкурса
    • 2 месяцев назад

    Narrative: 2 (not sure I get it, but seems it's large worms conquering the worlds - would need to write that up in a more structured way). Mechanics: 1 or 2? (there is a lot of ideas you have there, I'd need something more structured to be able to rate it or give feedback; what first comes to mind though is that a 1st person shooter won't work on mobile really).

    • 2 месяцев назад
    1. LosifSP
      • 2 месяцев назад

      okey, i will improve the narrative and give you a better response, sorry for the messy text.

      • 2 месяцев назад