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6 websites hosted on IBM Cloud, various services

Hello dear judges, I hope you are doing well and safe during these times. I figured out that most "serious" contenders will be using famous services that have well documented tutorials, so I chose a different path. I'm currently hosting 6 websites on IBM Cloud using different services like IBM Cloud Foundry, DevOps Continuous Delivery and Object Storage, and I have wrote two large tutorials explaining the whole process in a fun way. You will find my main blog that I named "A Dev's Diaries" hosted on IBM Cloud that contains the tutorials here: https://anas-blog.eu-gb.cf.appdomain.cloud/ You will find all the other websites' direct links in the blog itself while reading my tutorials. I'm also attaching my current usage of your services as an extra proof. I'm a longtime client for IBM Cloud, but actually never used it for production, only development. I hope my entry will be to your liking, I'm using open source projects of mine for each website. Thank you, have a safe day.

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