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Laser Cut Design

Dear Contest Holder, Greeting from my side. Please check my entry. Also note- I am working as a laser designer in an Apparel Industry. I have a very good experience over laser design and cutting as we are doing regularly using Jeanologia Flexi Pro Machines and Macsa id Laser Machines. I have developed your design within a very short time to get entry as. Laser Cut Design need some specification, and if any one doesn't know that the than the design will be useless. If you like my entry, I will redesign with the required specification with more gracefully as per your need. And you will get unlimited correction if need. If you feel please, you can contact with me on private chat. For your information, I have attached the template design, Printed over denim fabric Photo, and laser cutting Photo.

Конкурсная заявка №108 для Vectorize lace pattern for laser cutting

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