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Web Page Redesign

Dear Friend. Please check the revised design as per your requirement and let me know if there is any other change required. I'll give you full support until your 100% satisfaction. Take Care.

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                                     для                                         Web page redesign.

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  • AndrewStartsev
    Организатор конкурса
    • 4 лет назад

    Almost everything looks good. I think it's right way. But if we have "email us" hyperlink, there's no need in such icon :).

    And I want you to suggest me an alternative icons placement. Man be to place them below the header or somewhere else?

    • 4 лет назад
    1. sharpBD
      • 4 лет назад

      Hello Friend, Please review #14 & #15. Change have been done as per your requirement. Hope you will like it.

      • 4 лет назад