Agile estimation poker card designs

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Краткое описание конкурса

I run an agile training and coaching organisation. I am going to be giving Estimation Poker cards away with training and selling them online.

I am looking for fun deisgns to put on the front of the cards, the backs will just be blank with my company logo.

The number sequence for the front of the cards that require designs are:
0, 1/2, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 20, 40, 60, 100, ?, Coffee, Big and Infinity

I will also look for a design for the instructions card on how to estimate with estimation poker (process attached). The reverse side of this card will be a cover card with the word Estimation Poker and my logo on it. (attached)

There are some free ones online that have pictures linked to the number. for example, 1 has a piece of cake, because 1 is small and easy. I want some fun, playful, colorful designs.

If you want to research these you can google planning poker (trademarked by Mountain Goat Software) or estimation poker.

Message me for more information.

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  • Teybort
    • 3 недель назад

    Hello budy good afternoon, i finished all cards design, instruction, mockups. Message me so i can show u. Regards!

    • 3 недель назад
  • MartynPretty
    Организатор конкурса
    • 1 месяц назад

    Hi All,
    Thank you all for your great work so far. I have just uploaded a few public free deisgns i quite like to help guide you.

    • 1 месяц назад
    • 1 месяц назад


    • 1 месяц назад
    1. INEEDPHOto
      • 1 месяц назад

      Also a logo would be nice, If i design a card design that favors red and your logo is neon green it might look weird

      • 1 месяц назад
    2. MartynPretty
      Организатор конкурса
      • 1 месяц назад

      what would be an appropriate prize?

      • 1 месяц назад

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