Aquatics Logo Design

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  • Победитель: shamazohora1

Краткое описание конкурса

The name of the company is Valdosta Aquatics. For the company logo, we want our symbol to be “VA” with a dolphin as the crossbar of the “A” moving to the left—see Dolphin-logo [login to view URL] for the type of dolphin we like. The “V” and arch of the “A” should be a bright, aqua-ish blue—see screen_shot_blue_cap.png. If you look at the pictures, it's the bright blue at the front of the TYR cap, near the letters. The dolphin should be a slate, darker gray—see [login to view URL] for the shiny, gray we like. All elements should have a white outline to make them stand out more.

I was also thinking that you could make the “V” and the arch of the “A” similar or the same, it might be nice. The name could come after the symbol for letterhead and nice shirts. It would be “VA Valdosta Aquatics”. The font should represent water and the sleekness of a dolphin. We also like the Papyrus font too.

For the caps, I would like the same dolphin symbol as the crossbar of the “A” in “VA” jumping over the team code “VAST”. You could also have a line of water below the letters – see attached document Dolphin-logo [login to view URL] to see the wave. I like the way the letters are cut to make room for the water and dolphin in this picture, which means cutting the letters little by the dolphin and water for the cap would look really cool. We just want to make sure the dolphin jumping toward the left, which would be going forward when you wear the cap. From top to bottom it would be dolphin jumping left, underneath are the letters “VAST”, under that is the wave.

Vertically Oriented Logo and team name
Horizontally Oriented Logo and team name
Cap Logo
All images would need to be provided as a high resolution (2500px on long edge) layered Photoshop (psd) file.
All Font Files used in each psd file

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“Did good work and was quick to respond to requests.”

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  • spyderserve
    Организатор конкурса
    • 2 лет назад

    The proper "grey" color to use would be 4b4b4d

    • 2 лет назад
    1. cziner
      • 2 лет назад

      Sir, I have submitted #55 with RGB Grey 4b4b4d , and #48 with another shade of Grey.

      • 2 лет назад
  • ArtisticLab
    • 2 лет назад

    Please review #47

    • 2 лет назад
  • spyderserve
    Организатор конкурса
    • 2 лет назад

    Also, please remember that a version with a white (or other suitable color) outline will need to be provided as well.

    • 2 лет назад
  • silverhand00099
    • 2 лет назад

    HI THERE. please wait for my entries.

    • 2 лет назад

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