building maintenance checklist and excel database

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Create a thorough checklist for the inside of a building for daily walk through maintenance checks (lighting bulbs out, trip hazards, scuffed floors, ripped carpets, etc... ) also add monthly checks ( smoke detectors, Fire alarms, HVAC, Generator etc.. )
The checklist needs to have the ability for date checked, issues found and a notes section for how the issues were addressed. The list needs to break down flooring type and the potential issues (including just need cleaned) for each type, Walls (chipped, scuffed, dirty)
bathrooms and everything that needs checked in their including showers )
hallways dining rooms, commercial kitchens and everything that needs checked there
external building checks (roof, signage, windows, doors, trim need painted/ repaired)
Parking lot, lighting, entry ways
lawn, bushes, etc....

bi annually repairs (clean gutters/ spray down exterior walls to remove mold)
annual repairs and maintenance (HVAC, Generators, Dishwasher, freezer, )

We need to be able to add to the lists in each section

this is for a business not for a home. need it in excel and paper copies so we can add data into the database so we can track the issues and the repairs. I need the database to have a dashboard so I can print a report that shows the issues out standing, by area and the issues resolved and the average time it takes to resolve these issues.

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