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Hi Freelancers,

This is a unique contest I am launching, just to get some great ideas.

I need a concept of a unique car accessory, with a background/story or reason why one needs it or should have one. Remember the idea should be unique/new.

For example:
I designed a iPad / tablet holder, which goes behind the driver seat or the adjacent passenger seat, so that the person behind stays entertained, especially kids sitting behind, as I didn't want iPad or Tablet in their hands to drop in the car while traveling.
The features were: It was made from cloth, it is washable, fits any size of car seat, fits different size of tablets....
Add pictures, conceptual drawings / sketches

The above idea is no more unique.

The accessory concept which will be considered best should have some solution to generic problems. Like when ever any women enters into the driving seat, she does not have a proper place to drop or keep her accessories like the bag, the phone. They either throw at the back seat or passenger seat. Many times things get messed up, it drops off the seat during the driving. Now it is not right to keep accessories outside and then settle down inside and then try to bring accessories in. Anyone would like to first keep the accessories inside and then settle down on the seat, so is there a solution to this?

Similarly, there could be other problems to which you provide solutions, which can be produced.

So define the problem, provide a solution, provide more details (like pictures, images, sketches)

Best of luck.

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    I have 6 concepts in total

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  • yashsage18
    • 3 месяцев назад

    Is there any way I can share you

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  • yashsage18
    • 3 месяцев назад

    Sir I have done work but I failed to submit

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