Come up with an idea for a military scifi colonization series

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Idea in which a part of humanity leaves the system to start somewhere new from scratch(whats the reason for this?). The focus is still on the military part so there need to be challenges and conflicts that will have to be solved. Do not submit plots for just one book but an overall idea for at least 5+ books, not outlines for book 1,2,etc. but overall ideas like the examples.

The story takes place in the future(~year 2200-2800) and follows the crew of a military ship(battleship/battlestar/dreadnaught, a primary battleship that also carries smaller space jet fighters and special forces/ground forces)

Here are some examples that fall in line with what I’m looking for:

Here are some ideas that I’ve already used (without the colonization part):

1. Humanity is in early long distance space travel time. Two ships(Military/research) have been send out , one came back without finding anything and the other didnt return. Third one has just been completed when bad aliens attack. With the help of good aliens who intervene we can beat the bad guys and the good aliens share technology and help us upgrade, they do this because there is a huge war in the galaxy with the bad guys and it doesnt look good, here the story and the adventure starts.

2. On Earth we found an artefact. Its something like a alien databank with lots of knowledge and helped us progress incredibly fast. We build ships, explore space etc. Then one day alien ships appear near earth and start to attack, after destroying something like a patrole space ship they head towards the place where the artefact is kept. It becomes clear they are after it. With other ships who have been called back we are able to defeat the aliens and find out that a lot of other alien races are after these artefacts who are scattered through space. A race to gather all artefacts begins.

3. Aliens attack us and abduct humans. They harvest human life force and make it into an elixir, we fight back and are able to beat them. But this has only been one harvesting ship and the empire it belongs to will soon find out what happened to it. Before that we will have to find out about the empire, gather allies among the stars and beat the empire or earth is gonna get turned into a slaughter house

4. Humanity exlored the galaxy and established multiple colonies. The thing that made all of this possible is a special material that can be mined in space, something like space uranium. Now aliens start to attack us and claim the space uranium belongs to them. We obviously cant just hand it over since our technology(faster than light travel etc.) depends on it.

These ideas were more focused on fighting for something we already had, for the colonization idea I want it to be more about fighting for a new beginning, a new hope.

I dont want ideas to include:
- Aliens just fighting for habitable planets
- Aliens are robots/AI
- Aliens want to rule everything simply because
- Aliens want our water
- Aliens want to steal/harness the sun
- Time travel/parallel universe

I’m looking for a few paragraphs in which the general idea for the series is written down with a few key points(how the story begins and a little background information).

A very important part is the reason for the conflict though. If the aliens are aggresive or conquering the galaxy why are they doing it? I want to have a good reason for that and the conflict like in my previous stories.

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“Akeem was able to provide an interesting idea that I was able to further develop to suit my needs better”

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  • nitinjoshi79
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    I hope I was able to fulfill your requirements in #60

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    1. nitinjoshi79
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      Apparently not, with just two stars. Will try harder next time :)

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    please check #62

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    Please check #57

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    New idea entry, please check #59

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    #53 , any detailing needed can be created with 20mins or so :)

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  • Niyazov
    • 3 месяцев назад

    LOL this contest is still here. I saw this months ago and the dude was rejecting works left, right and center even then. You're not going to find the next Isaac Asimov here, I'm afraid.

    • 3 месяцев назад
    1. whetstoneedits
      • 3 месяцев назад

      Hi Ismail,

      Yeah, the CH held a contest similar to this last year. However, they did choose a winner and award them the 535 Euros prize. Like many, I participated in the contest but did not win.

      I'd be happy to link the old contest if needed. I believe the CH will choose a winner and award the prize in this contest as well.

      Good luck to everyone who entered.

      Best regards,

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    Please check my entry #50

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    Please check my entry number #48 and let me know if I can make any additions to it. Awaiting your response, thank you.

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