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Dear advertising professionals

We are currently using the attached images as banner ([login to view URL]), in our not-yet-started online grocery delivery business at [login to view URL] .

We really like that banner, however, it is not ours and we don't have copyright over it.

Your task is to create for us a new banner image, yet very similar and super high quality, just like this one.

Here are your guidelines:

* Size: 1140x380 pixels.
* On the left side: A Filipino looking woman shopping online (like the current banner)
* In the middle: Grocery products, however, it should be Filipino groceries. Go to [login to view URL] and get images from the most popular groceries there. Then put them in a similar manner, as they are on the banner we are using now.
* On the right side: A delivery person on a scooter, with a delivery box in the back. The delivery box should use the images (Delivery-Box-Back/Side/[login to view URL]) attached below. Would be great if the person wears red clothes, like our delivery box design suggests.

Like with the current banner, there can also be some clever text on the new banner. For example, we offer quick delivery, so maybe something like "2 hours delivery" or "Same day delivery".

Also, we find the "Search, Shop, Buy" in the top right corner cool, and would like something similar in ours.

I hope this all makes good sense to you. Please ask if you have any questions.

Good luck!

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    please extended.. m working on it

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