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I am creating a business selling mens hair styling products. I am looking for someone to design a brand logo and subsequent product designs.

For the brand logo - the brand is called ‘Gentleman’s Relish’. I would like a simple yet sophisticated logo featuring a gentleman figure. I don’t have a particular design in mind so really leaving this up to artistic interpretation!

For the product designs - these will be a round design label. There are 5 themes of products, each theme is an animal listed below.
- Snake
- Baboon
- Jaguar
- Camel
- Rooster
The product design for each will need to include a cartoon/drawing of the animal in a goofy/fun style. Product names have not been decided yet, please provide a place holder for the product name on the design. Each label will have the ‘Gentleman’s Relish’ logo somewhere on the product design - this could just be the text or the whole logo.

If successful, I would like to have those designed using adobe InDesign or Illustrator.

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