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Please see RefrigerantNewCustomerForm for instructions. Need in PDF From.
To be based off of RapRecNewCustomerSheet.docx

I am creating a new customer intake form and using another company's intake sheet as a prototype. You will find a copy of my competitor's sheet included in the attachment/files section entitled RapRec-NewCustomerSheet.docx
I am also including a copy of my company logo and an example of another customer form I have with my information entitled TEA-RefrigerantProposal.docx
Also included will be a PDF for use as stylistic elements called TEA-PricingInfo.
Also included will be a Terms and Conditions sheet to be used to change the terms and conditions over to my company's information
The above will also be included in .PDF format.
I need them to be created as an ACROBAT EDITABLE SHEET so that customers can fill them out on Adobe.
I also need the .AI files

Using rhe RapRecNewCustomerSheet file as an exmple I need the following changes:
Logo at top changed to my logo.
Color scheme changed to match my logo and other materials…..Blue/Black
On right top side change to Phone: Will provide later(wont let me put phone here)…..will provide later(Wont let me add email address here)…
I need the shape of the gray area changed to no longer resemble the bottle shape.
Where it says "Rapid Recovery Credit Account" change to just two options "Cash" or "Credit"

On the bottom change it to CHILLER DECOMISSIONING(In black) and REFRIGERANT RECLAMATION(In blue) similar to by other documents.

Change the header to match page 1

PAGES 3/4:
Change the header and footer to match page 1
See NewCustomerTerms.docx for the new terms and conditions changed over to my company's information

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