Create illustrations for J&T book series YT episodes: (Book 2 action scenes)

  • Статус: Closed
  • Награды: £50
  • Полученные заявки: 26
  • Победитель: kachung

Краткое описание конкурса

Total Prize MONEY is up to £400!

1st place: £50
2cnd place:£40
3rd place:£30

Everything else that I can still use: £20 (Max. 14 more - my total budget is £400 total)


I would like to create illustrations for action-scenes in Chapter 7 (Bloodbath) of my 2cnd book - please look up the supporting file. I do not care which one, any. You will have a lot of material to choose from to have an artistic freedom.

The book is action packed and gory, thus, the artist needs to be OK with that.


Quality work , to start with. Keeping the appearance of already existing characters.(main character on supporting files, please maintain the look) The red undertone of the art.
Please choose scene that no-one else is working on yet to avoid disappointment and guarantee a prize if you work to a certain quality level (please check supporting file to see what quality I expect)

Independence: Chose a scene on your own, don't wait to be told. Check whether someone else is already working on it. Think - opening, middle and closing scenes. If it fits, no-one else is working on it already, and I will like the quality (16:9 ratio with enough details and clarity to be able to zoom in on details - 4K resolution) , you're guaranteed to win a prize (no less than £20).

Finally, I will require the artist to become familiar with the WHOLE chapter before conducting any work, as I believe that is the only way to "capture" the essence of the action scene and to avoid unnecessary corrections.
(what he should be wearing, what injuries he should have etc.)


I will guide you on your work in progress during the process, so that you don't have to do many corrections and you will get the prize.

As my drawing skills are none existent, I will resort to 3rd party similar content for guidance and verbal description. It is in my interest to make it work, since I do want those illustrations. If I think that you don't have the skills necessary, I will tell you as soon as I realize that, to not waste your or my time trying to make it work.

My only concern is for the final quality of the work. Because it is either good enough, or useless to me.

Would you be interested in such a work? Do you have the skills required?

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  • kmy698924
    • 1 месяц назад

    Do I rely on you not to finish the competition before the time ends

    • 1 месяц назад
    1. LPtributeseries
      Организатор конкурса
      • 1 месяц назад

      It will not finish before it is done. No reason why, I need multiple illustrations anyway. So far I have 1. As rules stating, I will award £50 to best, £40 to second best, £30 to 3rd place, and £20 to the rest that I can still use.

      Hope this makes it clear.

      • 1 месяц назад
  • provatkabir123
    • 1 месяц назад

    What is the art style your looking for? Do you want it like the two images you've uploaded?

    • 1 месяц назад
    1. LPtributeseries
      Организатор конкурса
      • 1 месяц назад

      Yes please, the red undertone is a must. It's something I consider branding.

      • 1 месяц назад
  • Averonex
    • 1 месяц назад

    One piece of advice- most of the artists are part timers here. When they see a contest which is going to run for a week, they tends to ignore it and focus on other contests because They need quick money. Thats why you will notice that it doesn't matter if the contest is one month or 1 week, both will receive similar number of submissions. And most of the quality works are submitted at the end of the contests. I maybe mistaken but i saw contests which might be yours previously, i wanted to draw for the contest but i saw the time period and moved to other projects.

    • 1 месяц назад
    1. Satishhnd
      • 1 месяц назад


      • 1 месяц назад
    2. LPtributeseries
      Организатор конкурса
      • 1 месяц назад

      Something to consider, thank for your advice. I still got what I wanted (more or less) at the end, but the time is more due to the amount of work i needed to be done (which is wasn't) and I wondered whether i just should make it shorter so that the artist get paid sooner (more interesting to them), so this pretty much confirms it. I will try week for the next one (i got a couple more to go)

      • 1 месяц назад

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