Data Entry - Online PDF to Excel Data Base

  • Статус: Open
  • Награды: $10
  • Полученные заявки: 21
  • Победитель: bsharp101

Краткое описание конкурса

Hello everyone,

The task consist in scrapping the data contained in some tables within a PDF published in a website. The data should be arranged in a single workbook following the structure provided in the excel file attached. Please repeat this process for all PDFs published between June 2019 and April 2012:

[login to view URL]

Be aware that the location of the tables in the PDF may change in some months and that's why I included the name of the table in each tab of the excel file attached in order to facilitate you to search those tables in each PDF published on the website. Some of those tables may not be available in some months so do not worry if you do not find them in some PDFs. In order to review your job please upload a sample of it to the following link:

[login to view URL]

Feel free to automate this process, if not manual entries will be accepted as well.

Thank you for participating


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Панель общих вопросов

  • cbucher
    Организатор конкурса
    • 1 неделя назад

    Hello, I am loking for Ergin Sezgin. Just reviewed your uploaded files and it looks quiet interesting, could you siubmit an entry so we can start a conversation?

    • 1 неделя назад
    1. Monfall
      • 1 неделя назад

      Hello Sir,
      I am Ergin and am glad you like my uploads.
      And my entry is just here as #19 by Mon F.

      • 1 неделя назад
    2. AbdulrahmanSadiq
      • 2 дня(-ей) назад

      Did you have your work done yet ?

      • 2 дня(-ей) назад
  • adash873
    • 1 неделя назад

    sir can you please give me one chance? I will never be disappoint you.

    • 1 неделя назад
  • ahsanumar34
    • 1 неделя назад

    Hello dear i want that kind of work i will do your all given tables find and enter data with 100% accuracy. I hope you will give me a chance,i will never be disappoint to you.

    • 1 неделя назад
  • AbdulrahmanSadiq
    • 2 недель назад

    more description please?
    have no idea which tables of each PDF is important to be filled in excel file ... and how far is your xlsx uploaded file related to what you need?

    • 2 недель назад
  • singhminakshi251
    • 2 недель назад

    it's too easy for me give me one chance i try my best as per as your requirement & more we can discussion on work

    • 2 недель назад
  • bktk
    • 2 недель назад

    sir if you online can we discuss the contest i can do easily

    • 2 недель назад

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