Define graphic/design for my updated Curriculm Vitae

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Краткое описание конкурса

I've been out of searching a new job for some years. Actually, after pandemic, smart-working is increasing, jobs seems more dynamic and innovative interaction tools are more diffused.
I'd like to join this wave and improve my career. My profile is technical oriented and, since I don't need to be discursive, I'm looking into a clear and schematic design.

I've an idea and this are some points (that are not mandatory if the result is not good):
- Horizontal orientation -> More space for schemes, more space efficient;
- Instant view of skills to give an idea on how to apply my professional profile, maybe a three based scheme on first page;
- Nothing discursive like "Good at interaction, propositive and bla bla";
- Section oriented CV;
- Some design appealing, but not too much colored or too complex. Just to make easier to interpret skills interconnections or sub-sections, to help eye to find looking information. Actually CV are not printed anymore, so colors are not a problem. Horizontal design is also screen oriented.
- Some comments can be omitted or leaved.

What I'll need:
- A custom design oriented to valorise my profile. Do not use existing designs, I've found a toons on google and I'd like something original since most of them don't really fit what I'm looking for. But of course you can be a mesh up already existing ideas if looks cool;
- A check of content if you have good english or advertising skills. It's not a mandatory, but will help you if you need to redefine some contents to fit a good design idea.
- Interaction, I've made a brainstorming and clear some of content. If you want more information or remove something just discuss it with me, maybe we can find even a better solution.

What I don't need:
- Criticize, I know that design of CV will not be mine, but I'm not a graphic designer. So as a company ask to an advertising company to emphasize positive features of their products in an ads, I'm asking to emphasize my skills to resell myself as well.

You'll find a messy document, with wrong and redundant english, but will give you an idea of content (and content quantity). I didn't proceed to improve it since I want to have a graphic base to know where put more details, were to remove and where to modify. Is some parts are just too messy or nosense, I'll improve them in the next days.

P.S. Some parts are in Italian, just use google translate.
P.S.S. PROGRAM USED COREL, I want to be able to modify my CV in future.

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    hey can you downgrade the corel draw version? thankyou

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    Thank you for checking my offer. I have sent you a general idea about what you have posted, I am ready to deliver what you want.
    I am very interested in your project and I am also ready to start right away.
    I will give you quality work until you are 100% happy with what you get.

    After a brief exchange of information, I'll get right to work! You'll have unlimited changes and I'll keep you updated regularly so you're aware of every detail!

    I'm here to make the client happy and satisfied with their order, providing them with the best results so they'll keep me in mind for future work!

    You can check out my profile or contact me with no obligation!

    Have a nice day.

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