Design a cat paw logo

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Краткое описание конкурса

Design a cool new cat paw emblem for gamers.

Think super hero symbol, badge, emblem:

1. Very unique, creative and rare - I want a unique emblem
2. Make it orange and purple with a touch of aqua - but the right shade, as shown in the attachment
3. Not violent (example, no cat scratching actions, swords or anything violent)
4. Powerful superhero symbol for the fans
5. Fun, silly, not serious or business-like
6. Integrate a heart shape somehow, somewhere - but keep it for boys - do not make it obvious - it's supposed to be very subtle and still masculine. Think "strength in the heart".

Show us what you can do with the files attached. Take a paw from there and make it cool. Either use the shape there or come up with something else cool and unique.

We like silly, weird and funny. So be bold.

Coolest logo wins, and quite possibly will join our social media team depending on your range of skills.

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  • abeautifulearth
    Организатор конкурса
    • 2 дня(-ей) назад

    Hi guys, I would like to announce that I have found 3 suitable people worthy of winning this contest. However, I have updated the Brief to include the heart symbol, and only 1 has updated their logo accordingly. Therefore, I have found a fan symbol I like and will award this contest to this person who I have spoken to (you know who you are) ON THE CONDITION that the target audience likes it. This process of completing market surveys may take a couple of weeks to finalise so in between then and now, either this person will win, UNLESS someone beats their work. So everyone still has a chance to still impress me but I have now decided to conduct the final stages on one candidate's logo. For this reason, the contest has been extended so that I can conduct some market surveys on a potential winner from this contest. Thank you to everyone who has been participating so far.

    • 2 дня(-ей) назад
    1. falimejhm
      • 21 часов назад


      • 21 часов назад
  • aburayhanraj
    • 1 день назад


    • 1 день назад
  • AlekMarquez
    • 2 дня(-ей) назад

    Hi, please consider checking my new entry #758. As always your feedback and rating is well appreciated. Best Regards

    • 2 дня(-ей) назад
  • abeautifulearth
    Организатор конкурса
    • 3 месяцев назад

    Sorry guys I need something really cool and fun - think cartoon books and superhero comics. These are not fun enough.

    • 3 месяцев назад

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