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Only two things updated:
1. Color: We encourage innovation on the palette.
2. Incorporate "HantePay" in the logo; only one letter is allowed to emphasize: "H" or "P" or any one letter that should be emphasized; you could design a shape accomanying with the letter OR simply disform some of the letters.

Sorry for the confusion previously, after appreciating your works, we find out that when emphasizing "H" and "P" together, the design seems resembling the logo of Hewlett-Packard.

Welcome continue to update your design

Looking for a logo design expressing professional and rigorous attitude of a cross-border payment service company.

Hante Corp. is committed to the mission of providing WechatPay and cross-border payment. Founded in 2016, it locates in Los Angeles. We need a logo to deliver the concept of safe, legal and convenient payment solution. Our target customers are chinese merchants in diversed categories including restaurant, supermarket, overseas study consulting services, etc.

What am I selling?
Customized WechatPay and cross-border payment solution services. Customers pay RMB and merchants receive USD.

To whom am I selling?
Chinese merchants with customers in need of using Wechatpay payments.

To whom am I important?
Merchants who want to receive their payments in dollars no matter which payment method being used. Merchants who want to expand their business to broader Chinese customers.

What makes me special?
Safe, legal, convenient.

What is my goal?
To promote our payment method to wide range of merchants in different industries.


1. Company name: HantePay
2. Color: prefer China red or America blue.
3. Deliver professional and rigorous attitude.
4. Incorporate "HantePay" in the logo; emphasize "H" only: you could design a shape accomanying with the letter OR simply disform some of the letters.
5. Prefer 2-dimensional design.
5. Please refer to our website for more context. [login to view URL]

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    where is the files?

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    1. liz861
      Организатор конкурса
      • 2 лет назад

      Hi sir, sorry for the confusion. I was supposed to put on our previous logo for reference but decide not to do so in the end. Don't wanna pose any "example" here which will limit your imagination.

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  • imraanax
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    Entry #104 PLZ

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