Design a logo an event graphic and a flyer

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This is 3 projects in 1:
Please create a logo for Health 101 and Health and Happiness School

Then create a 2160x1080p graphic including the event dates and details that can be posted on Eventbrite and facebook.

Then Create an 8x10 flyer with the basics of the event from the description below.

The 3-hour Health and Happiness training course for anyone wanting to get healthier but unsure where to start.
The Secret:
The secret we will share in this 3-hour course is that there is no secret. The tools that you need for a healthier life are already at your fingertips. You already know that eating vegetables and exercising is good for you, now it's time to stop waiting for some new secret formula or some supplement to make it happen for you. You can take control of your health today.

The Science:
Most disease is preventable with healthy habits in these four categories:

Emotional Wellness
You will learn that small habit changes in these 4 areas can have an incredible impact on your health. You don't need to buy any supplements or sign up for any memberships. You don't need a fad diet or even get a personal trainer (though that's not a bad idea). We'll show you that the science confirms that the basics you already know will be enough if you really apply them.

Behavior Change:

So if there is no secret, what's the point in coming? What most of us need in order to change our lives for the better is confidence that we can make a change, confidence that the change will make an impact and then we need to be reminded of why it matters. We will share insights from leading behavior change experts and leave this workshop with a commitment to ourselves and each other.

Fruit and healthy snacks will be served.

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  • nabeel1vw
    • 3 недель назад

    also you need 2 logos or just one

    • 3 недель назад
  • nabeel1vw
    • 3 недель назад

    could you please tell the event dates?

    • 3 недель назад

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