Design 3d Printable Sculpture

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I am an individual that is interested in 3d printing an artistic mathematical (geometric) sculpture based on the Nautilus Shell (Golden Ratio). I have included a rendered picture of something similar to what I am looking for. Alternative approaches may include exposing a cross section (showing the chambers of the shell). I found an "STL" file online with the basic golden ratio shape, but it would be nice if the design had a bit more artistic flare (elegant), similar to the "JPG".

Dimensions... I am looking for a height of about 12 inches, and a width of about 9 inches. It would be nice to have an attached (printable) platform base to display the details of the piece vertically (similar to the JPEG).

I have no idea how to create 3d models, but wish to be able to take files to a 3d printer somewhere and print the design for my own enjoyment. I am looking for something that blends the concepts of modernity (technology - hence the 3d printing), mathematical elegance (Fibonacci, golden ratio, etc.), and nature (it is a shell).

It would be good to see some rendered examples of you work, and maybe photos of anything in your portfolio that you may have printed. It's my first time using Freelancer, so apologies if I am still learning "the protocol". Thanks in advance.

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“Fabio has a flair for elegant and contemporary style... Well, that's what I needed as an output of his creativity, and he really delivered with flying colours! Brilliant and thoughtful work, and fluid working style. FYI - he designed a beautiful sculpture for me, and while I have yet to print the piece (as of this writing), he has sufficiently provided evidence of the robustness of his work, and an assurance of follow up assistance if needed... That's quality of service. If I have any problems, I will post an edit to this review (10/10/2018), but if you don't see anything here within a fortnight, it means I am a completely happy customer, and am already enjoying the output of his work!”

Изображение профиля vw856258vw, United Kingdom.

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