Design me a logo and signboard for my business

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Краткое описание конкурса

Need a logo and signboard design for my business

Our business name "SBB" , which stand for "Sabah Blind Box"

Before you start, you need to understand what we sell so you can design the right logo. Please search Popmart Blind Box, take some 10 mins time to go through the products and then only design me a logo.

What we do :
We sell Toys and Gift and mostly what we called Blind Box/Mystery box , if you can search POPMART toys/figurine - thats what we sell mostly.

All these toys selling point are , they are very cute... so the logo may be cute? i dont know.

My business trading name is SBB , stand for Sabah Blind Box and we sell Collectible Toys & Gift

Please note that SIGNBOARD and LOGO are 2 different thing, signboard is what that hang up on the top of the shopfront, logo is what we use for logo at top receipt, logo at T-Shirt, logo at business card, logo beside the signboard logo maybe?

Thank you

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