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Краткое описание конкурса

I need a creative design for a t-shirt celebrating one of the most beautiful mountains of the alps (Monviso, see photo attached).
The design should include the latitude and the longitude of the mountain, its name and altitude, and it should display an artistic/vectorized silhouette/outline of the mountain.

I have some very basic illustrator/photoshop skills, so I created an example of what I mean. Of course, I need something much more beautiful and professional than this, something that both men and women would love to buy and wear, so please do not be too influenced by my basic example.

Another option would be to keep it extremely minimalistic (only the outline, or an artistic version of the outline), I leave this decision to you.

The idea is to create a design for a white shirt, but I will later ask the winning design to provide the same design in a different color palette to be used on shirts that are black, navy blue, red and grey.

The design should be adaptable and re-usable for other mountains, just by changing the outline and all the other informations. For this reason, the process for creating the mountain silhouette should be documented. Moreover, since the template will be reused for other mountains, Monviso should clearly recognizable from the outline, and the tshirt should not show simply a general mountain. It's good to modify/alter/simplify or apply an artistic style to the outline, but at the end the mountain should be recognizable, and the outline should be unique.

For your information, if I will be impressed by some ideas, in the future I will ask the designer to create other templates with different styles, in order to create a series of t-shirts.

The winning design will be expected to assign all rights to the design to us and to provide the source files in the different color pallettes in AI (version compatible with CS6). In total there should be 3-5 source files.

- It needs to be your 100% original work
- no copyright, trademark, or design violation
- Please make sure any elements you are using is eligible for commercial use

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Отзыв работодателя

“Vu is a great designer, very professional and incredibly fast. I'm absolutely satisfied with his work and I will surely hire him again! ”

Изображение профиля andreampa, Italy.

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