Design Spanish Slogan for Website / Disenar Eslogan en Espanol para Sitio de Internet

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  • Победитель: fernandomlicon

Краткое описание конкурса

Hi, I need to design a simple but fresh and professional slogan for a new website.
The website is an erotic services classified network. Basically, users use our website to find escorts, masseuses, travel companions and general companionship.
A similar website in our industry is
It can be very simple, but the main problem is that although I’ve spoken Spanish for 7 years, I still don’t know many Spanish idioms.
We are looking for a Translator / Spanish Creative Writer (to create a new or translate existing English slogans below).

Some of the thoughts for the slogan, if it were to be an English are the following:
• South America’s Erotic Section. (La seccion Erotica de Sudamerica.)
• The Ultimate Erotic Service Section. (La mejor seccion de servicios eroticas (see doesn’t sound good!? :S)
• Latin America’s Erotic Section. (La seccion Erotica Latinoamericana)
• The Best Selection for your next date. (La mejor seleccion para tu proxima cita).
• The Best Selection.
• Only the finest company.
• The Best Company online. (la mejor damas de compania en línea)
• The most Selection.
• South America’s Adult Section.
• Latin America’s Adult Section.
• Latin America’s Adult and Erotic Section.
• South America’s Adult and Erotic Section.

NOTE: Feel free to be creative, and not use any of these slogans in your entries. We’re always open to new ideas.
NOTE: This is a slogan / translation job, thus even if you copy the above slogans are your entry, you may still win the contest, due to your excellent translated version of the slogan. Meaning, you could copy every above slogan, and simply translate well enough, for your TRANSLATION ability, win the contest.

• Please refrain from using vulgar or graphic language.
• Please do not apply if Spanish is not your native tongue.
• Please try to make the slogan professional, instead of being sexy or witty.
• Although some of the recommended slogans above, were pretty long. We may prefer shorter slogans that have maximum 3-4 words (maybe 5 words).
• Winners will be considered for many more contracts in the future.
• Feel free to be creative in your slogan design, if you do not use the above listed recommendations. Open to new ideas.

Thank you for your efforts.

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Отзыв работодателя

“Went above and beyond call of duty! asked for a slogan, gave me 30 lol :) no jokes. Gave me marketing input and advice, very knowledgeable in fields of expertise including translation and marketing.”

Изображение профиля michaelpfeffer, Canada.

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Панель общих вопросов

  • bryanyce
    • 4 лет назад

    Shall we post our slogan in an entry?

    • 4 лет назад
  • michaelpfeffer
    Организатор конкурса
    • 4 лет назад

    South America Primarily. Though soon we will be expanding into Latin America. Good Question. Two distinct markets. However, to use the words Latin America in our primary markets, still has market / branding appeal. Many industrial parkrs / condo projects here are called " Parque Industrial Latino Americano" or "Villa Latino Americano"

    Our Main Markets are Peru, Ecuador, Chile and Bolivia.

    • 4 лет назад
    • 4 лет назад

    Soy Dominicano, puedo ayudarte con el slogan, ya que soy 300% Latino

    • 4 лет назад
  • fernandomlicon
    • 4 лет назад

    Is your company focused in Latin America or just South America?

    • 4 лет назад

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