Design the exterior of my food trailer, make it look awesome!

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  • Победитель: zmnmahbub

Краткое описание конкурса

The name of our business is "Gnokout brisbane" and the name of our food trailer is "big knockers". We will be selling gnocchi and Italian inspired desserts. I have attached photo's of our actual trailer and our logo.

We like the idea of our logo, however we do want the logo made more 'refined'. Meaning, we would like it to look more symmetrical/artistic. We like the colors but if you can make it look better and more eye catching please do!! Things we definitely want to change on the logo are: we do not want the black lattice pattern in the white area and we want to write "BRISBANE" in small black font on the kuckles under the words "gnokout!"... Brisbane is 8 letters so we want 1 letter per finger.. same as "gnokout!"

As for the trailer design, we want the refined new logo on both sides of the trailer (the side with the window and the opposite side.. left and right side), maximum size to take up the full surface area of both sides.. both sides are 3m x 2.4m (L x H). For the back of the trailer, we want "BIG GNOKERS" writtern at the top (above the door) in a cool easy to read font. We also written to the left of the back door (below big gnockers) a big instagram symbol and a big facebook symbol below the Instagram symbol. To the right of the Instagram symbol (on the right side of the back door) we want written
[login to view URL]

On the interior/inside back wall (the photo with the window open) we want to have in plain black back ground with a huge blown up print of our logo for people to see when the window is open and we are serving.

We 2 things:

1/We want our logo made better, more refined and more artistic.

2/ We want all of this photo shopped onto the photo's I have provided so we can see how big gnockers will look. Including a shot of the window open with the logo on the inside.

Hoping to get this done ASAP.

Thank you Freelancers!

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“This guy is a wizard!! We had an idea and a very basic one at that, Zamar took our logo and design to the next level and in record timing! Outstanding communication, nothing was too much, will definitely work with him again on future projects! Highly recommend his service!!”

Изображение профиля MattGnokout, Australia.

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  • Sphenodon
    • 1 месяц назад

    Your description has a few issues:
    -The website is down or non-existent. Twitter tags bring up nothing
    - Do you want your logo redesigned, or is that already complete? You say you are not sure about colors, but wouldn't your pre-existing logo be an indication of the colors?
    - Are you looking for a design for all sides of the trailer, including the folding window? Dimensions?....

    • 1 месяц назад
    1. MattGnokout
      Организатор конкурса
      • 1 месяц назад

      Hi mate, we are still in.vert early stages of development so we don't have Twitter, Instagram etc just yet. We are happy with our logo but we drew it ourselves so we are quite biased, if you can 'fix' it up that would be great. And as far as colors go, if you can make it work with our logo so it all ties together that would be amazing! And yes, all side including the folding window. Dimensions are: 3mx2.4mx2.4m. Thanks for your feedback

      • 1 месяц назад

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