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We need 3 vector graphics to use on our website as hyperlink buttons. They must look good together in a set of 4, as they will appear in one line on the home page. Design One has been purchased from Shutterstock.

We have also already purchased some vectors for designs 2 & 3 but they need to be altered. The fourth vector will need to be created from scratch based on a drawing supplied (attached).

Design 1: (Project Management)
Hand graphic. This looks good as it is and we need subsequent graphics to be styled similarly.
Design 2: (Warehousing and Distribution)
Warehouse with arrows. This graphic will need to be amended to fit in with vector one as a set.
Design 3: (Office relocation)
Existing shows two arrows around a house. We need the house to be replaced with a simple workstation design or a modern desk. Arrows to stay but style to be changed to suit the set.
Design 4: (System Installation)
This design will need to signify system furniture being assembled. We would like something similar to the booth attached. The current drawing is far too busy, so we would like it to be simplified in keeping with the other three designs. It will still need to look like an 'exploded' assembly drawing.

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  • itsmerenjith
    • 2 недель назад

    Any Updates?

    • 2 недель назад
  • cgi55e3988a972c4
    • 3 недель назад

    4 weeks to award this project? is that right?

    • 3 недель назад
    1. DavidHolohan
      Организатор конкурса
      • 3 недель назад

      Yes :)

      • 3 недель назад
  • CinthyCarol
    • 3 недель назад

    Please Check #10

    • 3 недель назад
  • asifkhanbahadur1
    • 3 недель назад


    • 3 недель назад
  • Yousef727Hussien
    • 3 недель назад

    Please check #4! your feedback is valuable!

    • 3 недель назад

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