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Document career paths

Document the most comprehensive set of possible career paths (and variants) in the digital transformation space.

List each job role from entry level to its Seniormost, and show what roles the job role can grow into.

HERE IS AN “EXAMPLE” CAREER PATH: Project Coordinator -> Junior Project Manager -> Associate Project Manager -> Project Manager -> Senior Project Manager -> Executive Project Manager -> Executive Line of Business leader -> Another Executive Line of Business leader role -> Chief Information Officer

Please document the most comprehensive suite of career paths for the digital transformation space (eg in banking), and the variants, including those of Business Analysts, Project Managers, Frontend Developers, Backend Developers, Full Stack Developers, Solution Architects, Data Scientists, Data Process Engineers, UI Designers, UX Designers, Information Architects, Anthropologists / User Research, Motion Designers, Graphics Designers, Product Owners, QA Testers, Innovation Analysts, Programme Managers, Scrum Master, DevOps Engineer, Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM, Digital Ambassadors, Innovation, Emerging Technology Monitor, etc.

Please note that a role can have more than one career path to the top. For example, a Business Analyst can have 3 or 4 different potential career paths. You need to show them.

The top award will be issued to the most comprehensive digital career paths document.

This is a guaranteed and sealed contest! So do sufficient research for it knowing that a winner WILL be awarded.
Original write up please, no plagiarism (run a plagiarism check prior to submission). If you win, the contents will become my contents (ie this becomes Ghost Writing). A brief description write up of each role may be requested after the winner is selected. Please cite your sources in the document. Thank you.

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  • sasaamragy
    • 1 месяц назад

    check #28 plz

    • 1 месяц назад
  • sharifbge42
    • 1 месяц назад

    Please have a look at #18

    • 1 месяц назад
  • omarhasan2
    • 1 месяц назад

    Sir, I updated previous file. Kindly Check it out #16

    • 1 месяц назад
  • nssimabegum19712
    • 1 месяц назад

    Sir, I am still working on it. Kindly don't close the contest until deadline.

    • 1 месяц назад
  • vadimkalev
    • 1 месяц назад


    • 1 месяц назад
  • SusheilYo
    • 1 месяц назад

    Greetings! This is a very interesting contest. I am a talent acquisition professional with 20 years of work experience. Digital Transformation has happened in practically all fields today - which specific sector are you looking for - is it healthcare/ banking/ Education or which specific field would you want this career graph to be made? Would start on that immediately

    • 1 месяц назад
    1. DreamStartup
      Организатор конкурса
      • 1 месяц назад

      Dear Yogda, thanks so much for your comment and question. Let’s focus on banking. Looking forward to your comprehensive submission. All the very best!

      • 1 месяц назад

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