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I am looking for a drawing electronic or hand drawn. The picture will be a Three headed rottweiler dog chained to jail cells in the cells 2 people poking their heads thru the bars looking out under the rottweiler the floor made of skulls. The 2 people looking out of the cells should be LIVING DEAD type of people. Must be colorful and eye catching. I prefer it to be digitized. The people in the cells should be wearing ORANGE jump suits. The dog again. a 3 headed rottweiler. There will be a BANNER over the top that says BEEN THERE and another banner on the bottom that says DONE THAT. On the walls in the background a Christian cross. I would like this in a drawing that is 4-5 inches wide and 7-8 inches tall. This is a contest so bring your A game.. The best drawing will win. Submit the picture to enter. Entries without pictures will not be judged and can not win.

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    Hello contest holder, working on the project!

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    logo name plz

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