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Edit Footage into vertical videos for tiktok

Hello, sadly i had such little time to work on my entry, so this is a quick example i made, i am very capable of doing this job for you and also do desktop versions if you'd like and make it look professional, i have an experience on YouTube and TikTok, and know much about Audience Retention as i've previously worked with a YouTuber with big audience, i had some ideas we can implement in the videos as well as for shorts or as mentioned before for desktop versions too, we can add bubbles of the contestants faces above their heads or below at the bottom of the screen and once they're out we can X their photos or add a tick to say he's won 1 round out of 5 or so.. as well as some music to keep the atmosphere going and make the watchers feel like they're involved, we can also do like a screen flip to your reactions after seeing the animal and flip back on the animal coming close and such as teasers for shorts and if you're planning longer videos

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  • Raya Link
    Raya Link
    • 3 месяцев назад

    Or we can always go off on a cliff hanger like Ex: video of the lizard shows.. and at the very end your reactions being surprised and cuts off then the next short is say the snake.. etc, to keep them interested in seeing more and grab their attention to keep them watching

    • 3 месяцев назад