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1. Download video:

2. Make the video look like these examples:


3. At 2.7sec (freeze frame)
"Quest Added:

Drunk Karen has beat up some children in the area

I should follow her and tell her insulting things"

Hold this frame for 6 seconds.

4. At 17.5sec (freeze frame)
"Quest updated:

Karen is releasing herself of all wrong doing.

I should alert the authorities."

5. At 40 seconds - 43 seconds, add Oblivion fight music

6. At 1:01 seconds- play sound fx from game/Guard
Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FaJJP_7jbxs&ab_channel=RyanSmith [use 0:41seconds guard speech]

7. Upload as .mp4

***Try to show support to the clients channel

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“Great fantastic work ! I love it. Extremely funny. Talented video editor. Thanks Maximiliana ”

Изображение профиля ada57e5ac84ebf03, Canada.

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