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Data about startups in Sydney.

Dear Hiring Manager, Thank you for posting your job on Freelancer.com. I tried to do as you described. I have used Google, Linkedin, Crunchbase, Open Corporates, and Zoominfo while doing your work. I believe that I can definitely solve the issues that I cannot complete by discussing them with you. Below, I've attached a sample task in a Google Spreadsheet link for your consideration. I'm waiting for your reply. Thank you. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IpVPI73tgi7viCNLLSLfAgaiAkgFiiYl24vlf9GvtfI/edit?usp=sharing Regards, MD HABIBUR RAHMAN CHOKDER Data entry, B2B lead generation, and Web research expert

a screenshot of a spreadsheet with different logos on it

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